Moscow Edition. Round Two

Following the success of the previous edition of Know Your Worth: Understanding Marketing and Negotiating for Interpreters, we decided to organize yet another Moscow Edition of the seminar, and so on 23 – 24 September we welcomed the newest members of the Know Your Worth community to our seminar in Moscow.

It was the third time that the seminar was held in a two-day format, and also the third time it was held in Russia, so we were happy to welcome not only new participants, but also some of our alumni, who came to share their most recent experience on the market, and exchange ideas about what they found to have been most useful for them in the months since our previous Moscow Edition.

The format proved once again to be the perfect arrangement for an in-depth discussion of the seminar’s two main subjects: marketing, and negotiating, allowing us to dedicate an entire day to a detailed discussion of each of the topics. We were also able to cover such questions as branding, positioning on the market, prospecting, pricing, pitching, and client relations, and to discuss the many challenges that we, as freelancers, must face on a daily basis.

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We like to see our participants brainstorm some of the more challenging cases together, as this often leads to them finding new and exciting solutions to different marketing and negotiating problems. And once again we were not disappointed. On the contrary. We were particularly happy with the way this edition’s participants responded to the discussion, and would like to thank them for their active participation and boundless curiosity, and for bringing so many cases from their own experience to the table. This gave us a unique opportunity to look at an even broader spectrum of case-studies and real-life examples, and made the Q&A sessions even livelier and more fruitful than usual.

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We also talked about the mindset necessary for successful marketing, and covered some general principles (as well as a number of highly practical aspects) of pricing and negotiating, all necessary steps in building a more sustainable and much more successful interpreting business. We were also able to devote some time to looking into how the interpreting profession is perceived from the outside, all in order to better understand our potential and existing clients.


Traditionally, one of the main features of the seminar is the atmosphere we try to create to encourage our participants to take an active part in the discussion, sharing their personal experience, and exchanging ideas on how best to implement the new tools and techniques in their work. Which is why we would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful team at Impact Hub Moscow for helping us create a unique and memorable atmosphere for the seminar, and for making sure that our participants had a wonderful time and nothing to worry about, except getting to the seminar, and getting the most out of it.

In all honesty, we could not have wished for a better place to hold out seminar, and the two days we spent there proved to be not only incredibly useful, but also great fun.

Which, we firmly believe, is the best way to learn.


We were also very happy to team up with the Cosines International Contest for Simultaneous / Consecutive Interpreters for this edition. It was an honor to help sponsor an event that was aimed at showcasing interpreters’ abilities, as well as at improving interpretation quality.

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We would also like to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy albeit somewhat Belated International Translation (and Interpreting too!) Day from the Know Your Worth team.

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If you would like to hold a seminar in your area, please contact us via this website, or by contacting the seminar organizer Tatiana Kaplun at


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