…happier interpreter

Julia’s vast experience and generosity of sharing it with us was tested and confirmed, in my case, right on the spot. About an hour after the seminar, I received a call from a private client with an urgent next day job. Since, at that point I already ‘Knew My Worth’ well and was so tired that I really felt like I have nothing to lose (worst case scenario, I would have a long anticipated day off – thanks again, Julia), I said ok, but my rate would be… and named a fee 50% over my regular rate… I got that job and my rate policy has changed from that point on. Now I am a more confident, more successful and happier interpreter. Thanks, Julia for showing me what my worth is! 

Nataliia Worrel, KYW Taster

…complimented on my sublime profile…

Thought you would be pleased to know I have used LinkedIn to reach out to some new markets and have just been complimented on my sublime profile 😎 So thank you!

Samantha Bartlett-Shaw, Social Media course

“the shortest and most efficient MBA for interpreters”

I have finally taken Julia Poger’s Know Your Worth seminar on business and negotiation skills for interpreters! Now I can proudly call myself a graduate of the shortest and most efficient MBA for interpreters out there! This has been a weekend full of exploration, brainstorming, discoveries, note-taking, light-bulb moments, and fun. There was everything you need to know, consider, and integrate into your business process to understand and then grow your worth. The seminar is very well-structured and highly practical. Now there is a lot to think about and even more homework to do – but what a great way to explore your limits (and find out that you are the one setting them).

Xenia Andriuta, Online Seminar

“You’ve answered my prayers”

I am so glad I found you in Linkedin and learned about the KYW course. I don’t remember if I mentioned that I’ve taken MF’s BSchool. After completing the course I was left with the question on how to apply her teachings to the interpretation business. You’ve answered my prayers.

Ilka Vilarreal, Lockdown Seminar

“Helpful to hear how the marketing principles can be applied to our profession”

I am usually very sceptical when I hear for this kind of one-day seminars, and I was sceptical this time as well. But now I have to say that am very happy that I had a chance to meet you and be part of this interesting seminar!
For me it was inspiring and even though I already knew most of these principles since I also have background in Marketing, it was still very helpful to hear how they can be applied to our profession.
Sladjana Jakovac, KYW, Ljubljana, 2019

“Not just for freelancers”

Know Your Worth is not just for freelances. As a staff interpreter, I have used some components of the KYW approach within my own organization, and got the outcomes I wanted.
James Norman, Court Interpreter (English Booth), International Criminal Court
The Hague, 2019