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Julia Poger, M.A.C.I. (MIIS); ATA; AIIC, started marketing and negotiating at a young age, because who would turn down a cute 12-year-old asking you to buy an ad in a newspaper?  She then continued with books, shoes (hence her Imelda Marcos-like tendencies) and – once she received her Master’s Degree – interpreting services.

She took all that knowledge and built (and what’s even harder – retained!) a wide-ranging client base in markets on both sides of the Atlantic. She has worked at presidential and cabinet levels in two US and one French administration, at ministerial and presidential levels for international organizations, as well as for CEOs from various Fortune 500 Companies.

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Tatiana Kaplun, M.A. (University of Bath), AIIC, is this seminar’s organizer. Tatiana received her Bachelor of Linguistics degree from the St. Petersburg State University, and later went on to pursue her studies at the University of Bath’s MA in Interpreting and Translating. An interpreter as well as a translator, she has been working both on the European and Russian freelance markets since 2011.


As a freelancer you come to realise the importance of marketing and negotiating, as well as, and this is something people frequently tend to forget, the importance of understanding what the client really wants. Attending Julia’s seminar in Cologne has improved my understanding of the subject immensely – both theoretically and practically, – and I thought it was something I would love to bring to the Russian market. After the success of the seminar’s Saint Petersburg edition I am very excited to be helping bring the seminar to new destinations.

Tatiana Kaplun

Julia Poger on what the Know Your Worth: Understanding Marketing and Negotiating for Interpreters Seminar is all about
Tatiana Kaplun on Know Your Worth: Understanding Marketing and Negotiating for Interpreters, and why she now organizes the seminars.