Happy International Literacy Day

In honor of the International Literacy Day, we would like to suggest couple of books to help you start to become literate in marketing and negotiating. These talk about the fundamentals for any job, including interpreting, without which you can’t get far.
This book was written at the beginning of the 1990s, before social media took over, but is still useful today. If you are just starting your career and have no idea how to be a freelancer, or how to make a living when you don’t have a salaried position in a company, this book has some very basic but excellent insights.
This book was the first to be published to a wide audience, and started transforming people’s views from negotiating as a battle to negotiating as joint problem solving. That transformation is far from complete…
And for the grandfather of all people skills books, that will begin to show you what has been going on around you without you noticing,
There is a reason this is a perennial best seller.
Many of us may already be skilled enough to know what is in these books, but if you are just starting your journey into the world of freelancing, these books are great!