Know Your Worth: a seminar by Julia Poger

Never let anyone underestimate your worth – not even you!

Be more confident when you talk to your clients

No more feeling like the client holds all the cards and is doing you a favor.

Relate to your clients on an equal footing, where you both see the value of your contribution to their work.

Pick your clients, name your price, and set your conditions.

At the end of our talks, one of the [professional] buyers told me I should …start working with them!

Sabine Nonhebel, Conference Interpreter, Consultant Interpreter

The shortest, most efficient MBA for interpreters

You know all there is to know about interpreting and serving your listeners.

But clients are a whole new world – and require a change in mindset and a whole new set of tools.

Know Your Worth will teach you what those tools are and how to use them – all based on real situations!

As a business major and former marketing consultant, I thought I already had a pretty firm handle on the subject. To my delight, I walked out with a nuanced understanding of how these principles can be applied to not only interpretation, but my entire life.

Sian Gu, Conference Interpreter

Become a valued member of your client’s team.

No more being called at the last minute.

No more having to beg for documents or do hours of research to prepare for the next job.

Your clients will bring you in early, talk through their goals, and give you the materials you need to do a great job. And what’s more, they will understand the value you bring to the team!

Julia has taught me how to see things from both an interpreter’s and the client’s perspectives.

Faruk Mardan, Interpreter, Translator, Trainer

Get immediately actionable insights

The Know Your Worth process will cover everything you need – from even before that first contact, to signing the contract, to turning your clients into raving fans who then advertise you to new clients!

You will understand it all, and be able to take steps immediately to change how your clients see you.

This has been a weekend full of exploration, brainstorming, discoveries, note-taking, light-bulb moments, and fun…everything you need to know, consider, and integrate into your business process to understand and then grow your worth.

Xenia Andriuta, Conference Interpreter and Consultant Interpreter