How does KYW work with you?

These are times of working in person and online, of uncertain travel, and work coming at unexpected times.

The world is continually changing, and our work is changing along with it.

We at KYW want to work with you where you are, supporting you and helping you thrive.

We hold in-person and live online seminars, as well as providing recorded courses and consulting services. Whatever format is easiest for you, we have something to meet your needs.

We want to make sure that you earn what you are worth!

Where do I find the information about future events?

You can find a list of our upcoming events in our Community Blog, at the top of the About the Seminars page, and we also have an announcement on our page on Facebook.

Will I get a certificate after attending the seminar?

Yes. After the seminar, you will receive a certificate stating the full name of the course, the number of hours of tuition, and your name.


How do I keep in touch with my fellow participants?

You will receive an invitation to the Know Your Worth group on LinkedIn after the seminar, where you will meet past participants. This group was set up precisely for this purpose: to help our participants stay in touch, as well as to encourage them to continue sharing and discussing various marketing and negotiating cases.

You will also be on our email list, so we can keep you up to date on community news, new seminars, and resources.

We also have a page on Facebook, where we share regular updates from the Know Your Worth community, and then we also make good use of the good old mailing lists system.

But then the real answer to this question is quite simple and straightforward: Network! Use your time at the seminar to get to know your fellow participants, and stay in touch afterwards. It’s as simple as that, and good fun too!


What if I have more questions after the seminar?

That’s all right, and, in fact, pretty much what we expect, to the point that we might get disappointed if there are no extra questions after the seminar! 

Which is, once again, one of the main reasons why we’ve set up that LinkedIn group, and why we encourage you to stay on the mailing list after the seminar is over.

We always encourage our participants to find new, innovative solutions, and to continue exchanging positive ideas and good practices that might be useful to more than one colleague, and more than in just one sector of the market.

So just know that if you happen to have a question – even after the seminar! – you should never hesitate to write and ask, and we will all do our best to pitch in and find the best, and most elegant, solution. Or, at the very least, give you some food for thought which might help point you in the right direction.


What’s the best way to get in touch with the team?

We are not that hard to find. You can always fill our form on the Contact page, or send an e-mail directly to us here.


How can I get a Know Your Worth seminar organized in my city?

If you would like to hold a seminar in your area, please contact us via this website, or here.

We are always open to suggestions, and we nothing would give us more pleasure than to see our Know Your Worth family grow and develop even further.