Live Broadcasts

Julia has started monthly live broadcasts on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter – all with great information for you!

The broadcasts are Ask Me Anythings – almost! As long as it’s about marketing, negotiating, selling, branding, and all those wonderful business ideas and skills that we hear so much about…

Some of the broadcasts will also include guests, who will be chosen because they can shed light on what we need to know as freelancers in certain domains. Our first guest was the former Chief Interpreter of the US Department of State, Patricia Magno-Holt (formerly Arizu) talking about Diplomatic Interpreting in December 2022, then The Interpreter’s Voice in January 2023.

Here is the link to the full YouTube playlist , so you can keep up with new shows, and go back to watch favorites.

And here is a list of some of the topics that were discussed in the videos:

October 2022 – Ask Me Anything

Questions answered: – Did you get voice training? – How do I get my name out and sell my services? – How do I convert interest in my social media posts into clients? – How do you approach a situation when a client would rather work with a company? – How to talk to clients

November 2022 – Ask Me Anything

Questions answered: – how do you interpret with a sore throat? (since I had one!) – what is a personal brand? – how do you build a personal brand? – should we work for agencies when we just start out? – what do we do when we accepted a job, and a better one comes along?

December 2022 – Guest, Patricia Magno-Holt on Diplomatic Interpreting

January 2023 – Guest, Patricia Magno-Holt on the Interpreter’s Voice

February 2023 – Ask Me Anything on Mindset

March 2023 – Guest, Peter Sand on Consulting Interpreters

If you like the videos, or want to be notified when they arrive, please follow Julia on LinkedIn (and ring the bell to be notified of posts) and/or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

We hope you like this new way of interacting!

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