Know Your Worth Seminar in St. Petersburg

In September 2016, the Know Your Worth: Understanding Marketing and Negotiating for Interpreters seminar was held for the first time ever in a two-day format in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

This format meant that we were able to dedicate an entire day to each of the two topics of Marketing, and then another one to Negotiating, giving us more time to focus on each of the two subject, and to discuss the many challenges that we as freelancers must face on a daily basis. It also allowed us to cover more case-studies, looking at the examples not only from the interpreting world, but also from other – sometimes surprisingly similar – professions. One of the main features of this seminar, which was also made possible by its new format, was that we were able to have a very active discussion, sharing experience, raising concerns, and exchanging ideas on how best to implement the new tools and advice.

Here’s what our participants have to say:

The perspectives and the self-confidence gained at Julia’s marketing and negotiating class are indispensable. Rather than an extra investment, this seminar is a must for all freelance interpreters.

Liesbeth Micha Reyskens, St. Petersburg, 2016

Julia is a brilliant trainer… She provided us tips and solutions I never thought about, and made us see common things differently. There were two days of brainstorming, experience exchange, role-plays. I finished by having a clear vision of my own marketing strategy.

Anna Mikhaylyuk, St. Petersburg, 2016

Participants came from Saint Petersburg itself, as well as Moscow, Belgium, and the UK.

You can also read about the seminar on the AIIC website.

Know Your Worth in Cologne

In February 2016 a one-day Know Your Worth: Understanding Marketing and Negotiating for Interperters seminar was held in Cologne.

The format included half a day of Marketing and half a day of Negotiating training, complete with case studies and networking opportunities.

Here’s what our participants have to say:

To me, ‘know your worth’ has been the best business advice ever received, it holds the power to make miracles happen, plus a tremendous sense of empowerment and I am very grateful to you for having shared your insights with us.

Jessica Domingues Mouro, KYW, Paris and Cologne, 2016

It gave me a totally different outlook on: the service provider/client relationship, the negotiation process. It reinforced what I had already learned about branding, social media marketing, networking and offered some new insight on these topics.

Pauline Mercier, KYW, Cologne, 2016

For more information, please visit the AIIC website.

Interpreters for Interpreters AIIC Workshop in Cologne

In September 2015 the German region of AIIC organized an “Interpreters for Interpreters” event in Cologne to bring together newcomers to the profession as well as colleagues with years and decades of experience in the field of conference interpreting. During the workshop, Julia Poger gave a taster presentation for her Know Your Worth seminar, focusing on Services Marketing and looking at the topic comparing other – sometimes surprisingly similar – professions to interpreting.

What an amazing and inspiring presentation by #JuliaPoger at #IfIAIIC. Many things are a dead ringer – loved it!

Alexander Gansmeier, IFI, Cologne, 2015

For more information, please visit the AIIC website.